March 13, 2013

20th Anniversary Limited Edition-Nail Solution in the Golden Era


Heidi's Nail Solution in the Golden Era

Our latest Special Edition of the Nail Solution is all about Gold with an upgraded inner disk for easier application in a glittering new box.  Check it out and enjoy our classic formula with a new kick.


As a manicurist and working with her hands on a regular basis, Ms. Heidi's nails were weak, brittle and unable to grow properly. In addition her nail-biting habit made the condition of her nails even worse. Try as she might, she could not find an effective treatment on the market. It was then that she decided to work together with a local laboratory in Texas to develop Heidi's Nail Solution. Her years of extensive knowledge about natural nails led her to create a product which would become her best-selling secret to beautiful, natural nails.

While using her own Heidi's Nail Solution®  twice daily for three months, Heidi's nails underwent a serious transformation. Not only were they strong enough to grow out for the very first time, they are now much healthier long-term and exhibit a natural glossiness. Her nails were restored to strength without being made brittle, as with other treatments she had tried.


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