June 27, 2013

Fashion Trend: Stiletto Nails


Make way for the latest high fashion nail trend: Stiletto Nails

Can anyone beat the Italians when it comes to style? Whether it’s fashion, cars, or cooking, Italian style is molto bello. Coming from Latin origins, the name Stiletto refers to a small dagger with a slender, tapering blade, similar to the heel of beloved heels.

Like the shoes, this style is not for everyone. You’ll need strong natural nails to wear this. It's important to focus on the tips-  not filing into the corners of your nails.

Get the look

Begin by filing clean nails at the tip with a fine grit file- it’s okay to use a gentle back and forth motion for this style. Once you have achieved an angle you are happy with, repeat filing on the other side of the nail, again beginning at the tip. After filing both sides, massage the cuticles with Heidi’s Nail Solution®, wipe the nails clean with rubbing alcohol, and apply base coat, polish, and top coat for added strength.

You might find (when picking up coins etc.) that wearing stiletto nails can take a little getting used to. Please use caution if you wear contact lenses.

Natural nails not strong enough to pull off the Stiletto Nails look?

Here’s our idea for a cheater version: Following your manicure, apply a second polish colour in a chevron shape at the tip of the nail. This leaves the shape of your natural nail unchanged and you can opt out of the Stiletto nails style by removing the polish, without waiting for the nails to grow out. Similar to the way you would paint white tips on a French Manicure, simply apply a second shade of nail polish in a chevron shape over top but only at the nail tips.

Heidi & Company is giving away prizes for the best DIY Stiletto Nails!

Have you given yourself a beautiful Stiletto Nails Manicure? Share your results and you could receive a professional-quality selection of files plus a Limited Edition Heidi's Nail Solution®. Winners will be notified by email in our July 15th, 2013 newsletter, so make sure to enter your email address in the 'join our mailing list' box on our website. Here’s how to enter:

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