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Heidi's Soft Body Scrub Pina Colada

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Heidi's Soft Body Scrub 8 oz.

Introducing Heidi's new 'Soft Body Scrub'. Similar to our award winning Heidi's Tropical Scrub, our new scrub's come in 3 different scents with a finer, softer grit. This makes the perfect scrub for areas like the armpits, neck and chest.

Benefits of Exfoliating

  1. Improves the texture of skin
  2. Allows other products in your beauty routine to penetrate deeper
  3. Stimulates Collagen Synthesis
  4. Unclogs Pores
  5. Brightens dull skin
  6. Reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretchmarks
  7. Reduces razor burn when shaving legs and underarms 
Recommended Use
Wet skin before use, rub gently in circular motion, rinse thoroughly. Avoid sensitive areas, stop use if irritation occurs.