The Original Heidi's Nail Solution

Heidi's Nail Solution repairs thin, weak, peeling nails and rough cuticles.


Do you have damage from acrylic nails?

Yes, you can have healthy, beautiful, natural nails!

Are you tired of hiding your ugly, broken nails and ragged cuticles?    If you could just see some results quickly, you would continue treatment, wouldn't you?  

Our classic, protein rich nail strengthener and cuticle repair creme nourishes and repairs nails,giving flexible strength and a healthy glow. Enriched with soybean protein, cottonseed oil, lanolin, oil of cashmere and vitamin E. This treatment is equally popular for both men and women.

  • Contains more protein than any competitive nail treatment cream
  • Grow your own natural nails for less than the cost of a manicure
  • Visibly improves the health of weak, thin, acrylic damaged nails in 7-10 days
  • Supports natural nail growth and repairs hangnails, rough, dry cuticles in 1-3 days
  • Non-greasy, absorbs instantly
  • Available in .75oz/ 22.5ml or 2 oz. jar
  • Refill your smaller jar from the 2 oz. jar to enjoy the benefits of having 2 jars. 

For regular maintenance of nails and cuticles, use a small amount of Heidi's Nail Solution®, equal to the size of a small pea, to treat all 5 nails and cuticles on each hand.  Massage onto the nail plate and cuticle, wipe away excess with finger and apply it to the next nail, etc.  Apply twice daily for faster results.