Heidi's Silky Masque

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Anti-wrinkle, "leave-on" masque treatment for hands & feet


Heidi's Silky Masque is an exquisitely rich hand and foot mask that does not need to be removed. Restores chronically dry skin to a smooth texture, with no oily residue. Revives chapped hands, cracked heels and can also be used as a body masque. Unscented.

Made in USA

Apply to clean dry skin and let absorb 15 minutes. This thin, light masque melts into your skin, remaining soft, and is absorbed by your skin.  Follow with an application of nourishing hand or foot creme, such as Heidi's Creme Deluxe.

An effective, relaxing, home care treatment for both hands and feet.

  • Exfoliate before use with Heidi's Tropical Body Scrub®
  • For maximum results, wrap with a hot towel or wear lightweight cotton gloves
  • No need to rinse off, the product is absorbed completely after about 15 minutes
  • Not intended as a facial masque.