February 14, 2016

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July 08, 2015

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October 04, 2013

Artificial Nails: Damage Caused by Nail Enhancements

Are artificial nails harmful?

This is a topic surrounded by plenty of debate. Many nail technicians and fans of wearing nail extensions would like to convince you there is no harm in having fake nails and some will go as far as to claim that artificial nails are are beneficial, for reasons such as protecting the natural nails, curing nail-biting or improving self-confidence.

As a top professional nail technician I have seen, first-hand, the extent of damage that can be caused by wearing artificial nails- both gel and acrylic types alike. For many years I've helped countless clients and customers who were desperate to relieve and repair the damage caused from these "harmless" treatments.

Why should artificial nails be avoided?

  • Incorrect techniques are the leading cause of damage caused by artificial nails. Improper nail preparation, excessive filing and "roughing" leads to increased sensitivity and can lead to inflammation. Incorrect nail adhesion can lead to serious nail breaks, resulting in the painful loss of a fingernail.
  • Risk of fungal infection in the space between the artificial and the natural nail. Moist and deprived of oxygen, this is an exceptional environment for fungus to thrive. Fungal infections due to artificial nails may be difficult to treat and have a tendency to reoccur.
  • Splitting of natural nails occurs when the natural oils of the fingernail is removed or prevented. Artificial nails will simply not adhere to a slightly oily surface (I'll bet you didn't think of your fingernails as an oily surface, did you?) Before applying artificial nails all natural oils must be removed and the nails are sealed to prevent the artificial nail lifting due to the presence of oils. Your own nails, underneath, become extremely dry and brittle, as they lack the critical nourishment and conditioning the natural oils provide.

Do the chemicals in artificial nails have negative effects on my body?

FACT: Fingernails are even more permeable than the skin.
Although our nails are often thought of as a strong barrier, fingernails- a layer of keratin protein- are less of a barrier than our skin. They permit applied cosmetics, chemicals- even water - to penetrate and enter the bloodstream. Think carefully about what you apply. (source: International Journal of Cosmetic Science) 

Another area of infinite controversy, this question will continue to bring conflicting responses until research finally proves what common sense already dictates: The skin is the largest human organ and whatever comes in contact with our skin is, to some degree, absorbed by our body's largest organ. 

At Heidi & Company, we don't think it's a good idea to apply chemicals such as acetone, resins, formaldehyde and even Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) which is still being illegally used in some US salons. MMA has been classified by the FDA as a "poisonous and deleterious substance."


July 08, 2015

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July 03, 2015

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March 31, 2015

Rough Skin? Smooth it out now....


We're all done with winter, agreed?  Time for fresh breezes, spring cleaning, updating the wardrobe, planting blooms and spending more time lingering outdoors in the evening. Whatever you're into, it is definitely time to wake up your winter skin which means this:  Regular Exfoliation 

Why is exfoliation the secret to smoother, healthier skin? 

In order for any product to be effective, first the outer layer of "dead" skin cells must be removed so the moisturizer can do it's job effectively. Only then will your skin reap the benefits of a nourishing product like our nutrient-packed Heidi's Creme Deluxe 

Beauty Pros know the natural secret of the ancients.

Exfoliation is an age-old practice known to the Egyptians and Romans who used abrasive substances to remove the build up of epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. Exfoliation is truly the most critical element in establishing and maintaining the soft, supple smooth skin you're after.  


Image borrowed in admiration from: The Complete Spa Book for Massage Therapists by Steve Capellini. Click on the image for more info about this book.


Out with the old, in with the new.  Heidi's Tropical Scrub now with Midnight Coconut Creme!

Our delightfully seductive fragrance brings instant tranquility. Use in the shower or bath to exfoliate hands, feet and body. Our maximum exfoliation formula contains no salt, as it can be drying to the skin. Are you ready for a decadent, smoothing experience that will get your skin ready for Spring? 


 I love Heidi's Tropical Scrub
Best product for dry, rough hands. Use of a small amount leaves you with smooth, soft hands which lasts. Would recommend for anyone who needs help with dry, rough hands. Dorothy




March 13, 2013

20th Anniversary Limited Edition-Nail Solution in the Golden Era


Heidi's Nail Solution in the Golden Era

Our latest Special Edition of the Nail Solution is all about Gold with an upgraded inner disk for easier application in a glittering new box.  Check it out and enjoy our classic formula with a new kick.


As a manicurist and working with her hands on a regular basis, Ms. Heidi's nails were weak, brittle and unable to grow properly. In addition her nail-biting habit made the condition of her nails even worse. Try as she might, she could not find an effective treatment on the market. It was then that she decided to work together with a local laboratory in Texas to develop Heidi's Nail Solution. Her years of extensive knowledge about natural nails led her to create a product which would become her best-selling secret to beautiful, natural nails.

While using her own Heidi's Nail Solution®  twice daily for three months, Heidi's nails underwent a serious transformation. Not only were they strong enough to grow out for the very first time, they are now much healthier long-term and exhibit a natural glossiness. Her nails were restored to strength without being made brittle, as with other treatments she had tried.


January 30, 2014

Why doesn't your hand cream work?

Have you ever noticed that, no matter how many times you apply a hand creme product in the winter, your skin just keeps hanging on to that dry, chapped, uncomfortable feeling - no matter which product you use?


What do Stay-at-Home Moms, Doctors, Hairdressers and Food Industry Professionals have in common?

Maybe you're in a profession which requires frequent hand washing- or not at all. In fact, those who wear protective gloves in the work place are among those who may suffer from dry, needy hands. Even the daily handling of paper or fabric can be a nightmare for dry skin, as it constantly absorbs the moisture from your hands upon contact.

October 26, 2013

Your Guide to Healthy, Sexy, Winter Feet

It’s hibernation time for sandals and flip-flops - not for your feet.

The cold weather is upon us. Before you simply shove your feet into socks and shoes, keep in mind there are a few simple things you can do to keep 'em happy, healthy and sexy. Spending a few extra minutes each day will truly make a difference. Here's our guide.

Beware:  Long, hot foot soaks can be drying to your skin

Although it feels wonderful, soaking your feet for a long time in hot water can actually be detrimental to the health of the skin on your feet. Many foot soak products on the market contain ingredients that will leach moisture from your feet, leaving your feet drier in the end. If you soak, opt for warm water instead of hot and keep it simple by adding a few drops of essential oils which calm and soothe, like Chamomile or Lavender. 

Keep moving with a daily ritual of exercising your feet. 

Did you know that the extremities of the body (especially hands and feet) experience lower than normal blood circulation in colder temperatures? It doesn't have to be very cold; it's your body's way of bringing blood closer to your heart for survival. Increase foot circulation with simple flex and point movements and circular foot/ankle rotations. This in turn will promote the health of your skin, toenails and cuticles. If you have diabetes you possibly already know it’s especially important to keep your feet warm and your blood flowing. 

Clean and dry your feet well - every day

Washing your feet well each day will help to keep infections at bay. Proper cleansing helps reduce the risks of fungus, bacteria, cracking, peeling, odour....and on goes the list. Keeping your feet clean and dry is the single most important thing you can do to keep your feet healthy. If you struggle with infections during the rest of the year, winter is the time to be more vigilant.

Weekly exfoliation and masque treatment

Thick, dry and dead skin creates a barrier which prevents even the best moisturizer from penetrating the skin. Remove it every week after softening it in the bath or shower. Heidi recommends escaping the feeling of winter with her own ritual. On wet skin, she polishes away rough spots on wet feet, ankles and calves with a tablespoon of our Tropical Body Scrub- revealing soft, healthy skin. Next comes a simple foot massage using Heidi's Silky Masque. Designed to be left on the skin, it restores even chronically dry skin to a smooth texture. This is an intensive spa-treatment that you can do for yourself at home, for a fraction of the cost of a weekly pedicure. 

Moisturize daily

Always apply moisturizer to clean feet. To intensify the benefit of your moisturizer, apply at bedtime and wear some light socks overnight. We recommend 100% cotton for breathability as synthetic materials can make your feet sweaty which can invite fungal infections. Heidi's Velvet Heels® Repair Balm breaks down hardened, dry skin to penetrate and emulsify damaged areas and contains healing extracts of aloe vera, shea butter, green tea, chamomile, rosemary and ginseng root.

Toenail maintenance

While your toes may be hidden under layers of warmth, it’s still very important to keep them well-groomed to avoid painful ingrown toenails. An application of polish can liven up their appearance and keep your feet looking their best. Don’t skip the base coat application- this is how you prevent staining and yellowing of the nails. 

Look on the bright side 

Attitude is everything. Embrace the simple things that make your feet feel wonderful. Indulging in some well-made boots, fuzzy or colorful socks, even beautiful stockings can make you feel warm all over and cheer up your winter wardrobe. Appealing, effective foot care products, the ones you are excited to use, are another way to enjoy keeping your feet healthy and sexy during winter. And don't despair- before you know it, it will be time to wear flip flops and sandals again. You will be ready.


August 19, 2013

Is your skin keeping secrets?

Ever judge a book by its cover? We’ve all been there.

Appearing healthy, balanced, polished and poised is valued highly in most cultures, ours certainly being no exception. Superficial physical attributes often speak volumes (especially in the professional world) about attention to detail or the ability to balance tasks. Often our unconscious minds draw parallels and jump to conclusions based on one’s apparent ability to maintain their own business. Are we wrong? Sometimes. And sometimes we’re right. What’s most important though, is to recognize that our own outward appearance can give us signs about our overall health -- both physical and emotional.

It’s not just what’s inside that counts.

Outweighing the liver, at around 20 pounds, the skin is the largest human organ. Covering the body with an average surface area of approximately 21 square feet, the skin has important functions. It provides a barrier that protects us from bacteria and regulates our body temperature. Exposure of the skin to enough sunlight has health benefits; the sun enables our bodies to produce necessary vitamin D in a natural way.

Here’s why the hands are one of the fastest parts of the body to show age.

When outside in the western world (no matter what the current fashion trend) our hands and faces are almost always exposed to sunlight. This is the predominant reason why many of us will eventually notice brown patches known as liver spots on our hands and arms as well as face, neck, and shoulders -- areas of the body which are regularly exposed to the sun. While the exposure does help us to produce the valuable “Sunshine Vitamin” it is worth considering that our hands, faces and décolleté should not do the lion’s share of the job.

What do spots on your skin have to do with your liver?

It was once a commonly held myth that unsightly brown spots were symptoms of an ill-functioning liver, hence the name liver spots. While this has been well established as myth in the field of modern medicine, some controversy among the alternative health community still remains. Claims of clearing away liver spots on the skin with a remedy called a “liver flush” have not been substantiated and many who have tried this approach have been disappointed with the results (ie. the spots have not faded). Since there doesn’t seem to be any proof to support the practice of removing the unsightly spots using this approach, it could be safe to assume there’s no easy way to remove liver spots without resorting to expensive methods such as laser treatments or chemical peels which can cause serious discomfort and require recovery time of at least a week. Many fading creams are commercially available, though the results are notably less than spectacular.

If it’s not my liver, what causes liver spots?

Also known as age spots or sun spots, the proper medical name for liver spots is Solar Lentigines. They are harmless discolorations of the skin caused by several factors and the result of the human body’s overproduction of melanin (a dark natural pigment ) in a concentrated area. A few things can play a role, including genetics and age, however the primary cause of these highly pigmented areas is overexposure to the sun’s UV radiation.

Prevention, prevention, prevention.

Everyone knows the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and it’s still as true today as ever. This advice applies equally true when it comes to liver spots.

  • SPF Protection

Protect your frequently exposed areas daily, year round. Wear a sun hat in summer when gardening or at the beach, for example. If you are a person who does a lot of driving, consider wearing light gloves or a simple application of SPF 30 to hands and arms. As well, a little SPF under makeup every day can offer a layer of protection and serve as a base for your foundation, improving the application and smooth finish of your makeup. Broad spectrum sunscreens are best. Make sure you know the ingredients are safe. Heidi and Company offers a product called Creme d'Satin, available for order here.

  • Limit Sun Exposure

Be sensible and know your limits. Try to avoid working outside during the most intense hours of sunlight. Individuals with pale skin shades have less natural protection than those with higher concentrations of melanin and need to get out of the sun faster. All skin burns and there have been zero benefits found in sunburns.

  • Phototoxicity

Be aware of the ingredients in the medicines and beauty products you are using and how they may affect your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. Certain prescriptions and essential oils are known to have sun-magnifying effects because of something natural they contain called furanocoumarins. This is important information if you use products that are designed to for us to “leave-on.” Bergamot is a wonderful essential oil and perhaps the best known example of an essential oil which increases sensitivity to sunlight. Check with your doctor for information on prescriptions you might be using and how they may affect your sun sensitivity.

As with anything, moderation is the key.

Enjoy the warmth and energy that is provided by the sun though be wise and protect yourself accordingly. Preventing brown spots is one key way to ensure that your appearance remains fresh and youthful for years to come. It’s in your hands.

Photo credit: rishibando / Foter / CC BY-NC