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Cuticle Removing Set


Professionally groomed cuticles in seconds

For a safer, professional, clean look without cutting your cuticles, nothing comes close to this effective formula. Heidi’s Cuticle Removing Solution loosens, digests and emulsifies old cuticle tissue in just 30 seconds. Heidi’s Cuticle Erasing Stone helps to remove even the most stubborn build up of tissue.

What Dermatologist Have to Say

Dermatologists will agree that cutting the cuticle should be avoided during manicures and pedicures. The cuticle plays an important role in protecting the overall health of the nail - due to its function as a natural barrier which resists bacteria and infection. While the appearance of freshly cut cuticles may look attractive initially, the effectiveness of this natural protective barrier is reduced, and it doesn't take long before they appear ragged again- often leading to repeated harmful trimming.



Prepare the Cuticle Erasing Stone:

To prepare your cuticle pencil for all future use, file the sharp point of the cuticle stone with an emery board until surface is smooth.

Clean the Cuticles:

  1. Prepare the Cuticle Erasing Stone according to the instructions above.
  2. Dip the Cuticle Erasing Stone in water for a few seconds.
  3. File nails to desired shape.
  4. Apply several drops of Cuticle Removing Solution® around each nail and cuticle.
  5. Allow the product to sit for 30 seconds.
  6. Begin to gently rub the cuticle with the tip of the Cuticle Erasing Stone in zigzag motions to loosen the dead cuticle on each nail.
  7. IMPORTANT: Dip the Cuticle Erasing Stone in water prior to use on EVERY nail and cuticle. NEVER USE A DRY STONE.
  8. Upon gentle pushing, cuticle buildup will begin to come away from the nail.
  9. Wipe debris off the nail. Repeat as necessary until cuticle is clean. Remember to dip the stone in water while repeating the task. Add more drops of Cuticle Removing Solution® on difficult cuticles if necessary.
  10. Rinse nails in clean water and pat dry.
  11. Use a cuticle clipper to carefully remove any visible hangnails. NEVER CUT INTO HEALTHY SKIN.
  12. For maximum results, massage a small amount of HEIDI’S Nail Solution® to each nail and cuticle to assist in healthy nail growth, moisturize cuticles, and to prevent cuticle buildup.


Tip for professional results at home:

Prior to cuticle grooming, massage Heidi's Tropical Body Scrub® onto wet fingertips and cuticles. The scrub will effectively remove most hangnails without the need of a nail clipper. Rinse with clean water, pat dry and apply Cuticle Removing Solution®.


  • Set includes: Cuticle Erasing Stone and Cuticle Removing Solution
  • 0.5 oz.
  • For all skin types, including sensitive
  • Made with purified Water, Calcium, Carrageenan Oil, Potash and Lanolin
  • Suitable for hands and feet
  • DO NOT USE ON BROKEN SKIN (not harmful but may cause slight burning sensation)

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