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Heidi's Ageless Hands Bundle

$85.00 $102.00

Bundle and Save!

Heidi's Ageless Hands Bundle Includes:

  • Heidi's Cell Revival Hand Serum 
  • Heidi's Tropical Scrub 8 oz.
  • Heidi's Crème Deluxe 4 oz. 

Keep your hands looking ageless by combining these 3 powerhouse products! Start by exfoliating all the dead skin away with Heidi's Tropical Scrub. Pat hands dry, then apply Heidi's Cell Revival Hand Serum and let it soak in. Lastly, apply Heidi's Crème Deluxe. When you give your hands the treatment they deserve, they will thank you! 

                                A $102.00 Value for $85.00-SAVE $17.00


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