Velvet Heels® Repair Balm

Do you suffer with extremely dry, cracked heels?

See dramatic results in just two days. Velvet Heels’ light formula works quickly to eliminate painful heel fissures, cracks, and peeling. Used daily before bedtime, healing extracts of aloe vera, shea butter, green tea, chamomile, rosemary and ginseng root are absorbed instantly. Your feet won't stick to the sheets! For faster results, also use in the morning. 4oz Tube.


Velvet Heels® triple strength heel repair balm works fast and effectively.

Made in USA

Our cutting-edge formula works quickly to nourish and repair heels in three ways:

  1. Breaks down hardened, dry skin to penetrate and emulsify damaged areas.
  2. Regenerates new, healthy skin cells that are soft and smooth.
  3. Healing herbal extracts give long term, penetrating moisture to maintain healing.


  • For maximum results, exfoliate feet first using this exceptionally good double sided foot file by Titania®  or some  Heidi’s Tropical Body Scrub®
  • Massage onto to clean heels & feet each night
  • For intensive results, wear a pair of light cotton socks overnight, after applying Velvet Heels
  • Use after each shower, bath or swim
  • Re-apply every 24 hours